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We attempt to make changes often and keep our calendar updated with Pack 126 events, meeting dates and times.

Please click on the tab at the top of the screen to access the calendar.

Interested in Scouting?
Why Join?

Scouting teaches and reinforces many core skills and values.  Our sons can learn while they're having fun.  Scouting is also a great opportunity to meet others with similar interests.

How Do I Join?
Cub Scouting is open to any boy in the Kindergarten through 5th grades. For more information please feel free to drop us a message, or feel free to visit one of our meetings.  Click on the "Contacts" link at the top of this page for email addresses & phone numbers.

Scouting is for parents, too!

Active, committed leaders and parents are the heart and soul of a successful Cub Scout pack. A little time and a little effort can make a huge difference in a young man's life. Volunteer to help at one of our many events... you'll be glad you did!